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Preparing Your Home for Byers

First impressions are very important. YOU DO NOT GET A SECOND CHANCE! If you want your home to have an advantage over competing homes in your area, go through the checklist below and invest a little time and money.

  • Repair leaking taps and toilets

  • Tightened door knobs and cupboard latches

  • Repair cracked plaster

  • Touch up chipped paint

  • Clean and repair windows

  • Repair silicone sealant around baths, basins and showers

  • Oil squeaking doors

  • Replace blown bulbs

  • Mow the lawn

  • Prune hedges and shrubs

  • Weed and edge flowerbeds

  • Sweep up leaves and degrease driveways

  • Repair loose door knobs, sticking doors and cracked window putty

  • Keep swimming pools sparkling clean

  • Prevent children to tag along

  • Leave showing to the agent

  • Let the agent negotiate the price – they are qualified to do that

  • Turn lights on when dark

  • Turn air-conditioning on when necessary

  • Add charm with flowers

  • NEVER apologise for the appearance of your home

Selling your property is one of the most important and, maybe, one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make.

Many factors influence the market and the biggest challenge is to “read” the market correctly and not to over-price the property.

  • Overpricing your property will extend the marketing period

  • The positive impact of a new listing on the market will be lost

  • Advertising response will be reduced and you will lose confidence in the market and your agent

  • Your property will become overexposed and agents will lose their enthusiasm

  • Overpricing discourages potential buyers from viewing your property. “How long has this property been on the market?” is a standard question

  • Buyers are reluctant to offer on overpriced properties

  • Competing properties will become more attractive and yours can be used as a springboard

  • Subsequent continuous price reductions will confuse both agents and buyers

  • After a protracted period, an overpriced property will often sell below market value


There are three mandate types.

  • Open Mandate

    An open mandate is when a number of agents are marketing your property at the same time. They can advertise your property, but does not have to. All the agents can market the property, but nobody has to take responsibility or control.

  • Duel Mandate

    This mandate is given to two agents have to market your property. With this mandate agents must advertise your property and have a responsibility to market your property and advertise it. They also are responsible for organizing show houses.

  • Sole Mandate

    With this type of mandate you have rights:

    1. The right of committed service

    2. The right to an expertise marketing plan

    3. Experience has proven that higher prices are obtained

    4. Sole Mandates prevent the paying of double commission

    5. Competition between agents is eliminated

    6. You will enjoy more privacy, security and control during the selling process

    7. It promotes good service. If an agent was not performing to your satisfaction, your complaint may be submitted to management and if the complaint was not dealt with, within 24 hours, the seller has the right terminate the mandate.

    8. Sellers are better informed about the property market and the factors affecting it, thus improving the changes of marketing your property competitively and of achieving a common goal.


Don’t let buyers into your home without an agent and appointment. It is dangerous to let strangers into your home and no “FOR SALE” board alters this situation. Let the agent secure your safety by qualifying and document crucial information before buyers view your house.